Chasing your real dream

Hi all,

Imagine what Da Vinci, Zidane, James Hetfield, Godel or whomever great you can imagine would have wanted to become. By becoming something does not mean only our profession but our ambition. I tend to stutter here because I could not make out the difference between career and ambition. This might be the case for many as we are born in India - I suppose.

People, try flying by your past and recollect what you fantasized to be and what you are now. Now that we are mature and we tend to acclimatize our dream or maybe try forget our dream as we can safely say "I made a smart and realistic decision".

What might stop one from becoming a great poet or a painter or a musician. Let me list out some.
1. Fear of inquisition that we might recieve from society.
2. Fear of survival.
And many other list of fears that haunt us. Or I might say that drive us to run in an opposite direction.

Take some time off for introspection. Lets do some reverse engineering. I'll take my own case. I'm an CSE Engineer. What drove me to become one? Fantasy surrounding computers, was interested in maths, heard from someone that CSE has lots of maths and logic- which gave my conscience all clear to choose CSE.

This point is where i strongly feel something is missing. Did I do the research about computer engineering, if it is good or not? No. Is that because I was not exposed to computers much. Is our educational foundation not balanced? Or that I just did not care what I want to be?

I think even now, in this age many just dont know what they want to do in future.. Or what they want to be in future.. People just wait for the jigsaw puzzle to get over all by itself.... they dont go in search of the pieces that help them to solve the puzzle. Once you have the location of the pieces then you can think about the plan of action on how you can solve it.

Do you have the pieces that solve the puzzle or you in search of the pieces or just that you dont know you are in the middle of a puzzle?

I want this to be an open dicussion. Please comment.